Thursday, October 16, 2008

How ICEFaces reduced by 35% our code

Hi to all,

i'm Alessandro Gasparini of Logical Objects.

Logical Objects is a small Italian company that develops software and web applications. At the end of 2006 we entered into an open-source project called Contineo. It was a monolithic web-based solution of a DMS (Document Management System). The system had its stratification used as a MVC framework: Struts 1.2.x.

After about a year (end of 2007) we realized that maintaining this solution when the whole world of web-applications was changing was not feasible, so we needed to decide what solution to go.

We decided for the JSF, because SUN specifics and in view of a greater JavaScript interactivity needed a framework JSF - AJAX.

In the end we opted for ICEfaces because the documentation was excellent, very exhaustive examples and stability / reliability of the system was certain. Even the solution became open-source so that thing greatly simplified its introduction in our project.

After several months of furious refactoring we released Contineo 3.0 and the code of our application was dropped by 30-35% compared to the Struts version.

Currently, our development team is working on LogicalDOC, the new open-source project of Logical Objects that is replacing the now dismissed Contineo.

LogicalDOC is released in two versions: LogicalDOC CE (Community Edition) and LogicalDOC Enterprise (commercially supported).

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