Monday, July 20, 2009

LogicalDOC CE 4.5.1 available with Chinese and Greek support

The purpose of this 4.5.1 release is to improve the multilingual support provided by LogicalDOC.

In particular, after the creation of plugins to support Greek and Chinese languages, there was the need to treat properly the files with ideographic characters.

Not only that, it was necessary to make some changes to properly index the content of foreign documents and display correctly the snippets with search results.

Among other things the search by tag has been improved, allowing to manually enter the first character of the tag, useful for non-Latin alphabets.

A big thanks to Marinos Vlasakis for Greek translation and Tong Hongxian (Shanghai Electric) for translation in Chinese simplified.

Download the optional Chinese plugin
Greek plugin available here

For details of changes see the Release Notes.

Report any bugs you find using the Issue Tracker

You can discuss issues in the user forum on SourceForge
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