Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What's new in LogicalDOC 4.5.2

Among the already mentioned improvements in the parsers of which we have previously given notice, in the new release there is an interesting update.

This is a new importer for ZIP compressed archives.

This importer, which is the class InMemoryZipImport, as its name suggest, is able to perform the import in memory of the documents in a compressed .zip archive.

This new importer replaces the previous one and is able to specify the encoding used for the names of directories and files in the archive.
This allows LogicalDOC to read correctly, with the right encoding, also archives created in format different than Unicode.

Also allows to overtake some limitations related to the extraction on the file system of those archives that contain characters not supported by the Operating System on which LogicalDOC is installed.

Another update that i find relevant is the one made on the translations.

In fact, thanks to the work of Sebastian Wenzky ( and Jesús Marín (A.P.L. software) we have updated the translations of the software for German and Spanish.

The new version of LogicalDOC Community Edition, LogicalDOC CE 4.5.2 is available as usual on the project site at SourceForge at the following web address:
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