Monday, January 18, 2010

2 lines about the New Graphic

For the 5.0 release of LogicalDOC we thought it was appropriate to do a restyling of the Web interface.
In particular we wish to give to the program a more modern design to communicate an image more professional and the strength of the solution.

Following this path we have taken action to change the head of the program by entering a dark-blue color to separate from the more operational section below, by including however, a varied background pattern to communicate a sense of modernity and speed.

As regards the menus we have redefined the head menus by removing the icons to give more uniformity to the whole and in consequence of this choice also contextual menus on documents have undergone the same treatment.

In a article appeared on a Polish blog our system was at fault in relation to others regarding the ergonomics of use.
To improve this aspect we have taken action on three fronts:
introduction of the navigation tree on folders, repositioning of the breadcrumb, restyling of the buttons.

Thanks to the navigation tree is much faster to move between folders, the repositioning of the breadcrumb in turn facilitates the user to understand its exact location within the repository, while the new style of the buttons enhances their visibility and usability.

We are very satisfied of the result obtained because our customers have appreciated this renovation and they informed us spontaneously that the new interface was more pleasant and functional than the last.

In the future we already have other innovations to further improve the GUI of LogicalDOC, one of which will be the contextual menu on folders.
This improvement will allow even easier access to functions on the folder, similar to the contextual menu on the documents.

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