Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holidays gift: Japanese language support

The team of Logical Objects is constantly working to improve and expand the potential of LogicalDOC software and also this month has produced a new release that fixes some issues reported on some installations of our customers and partners.

As usual, the problems are not so simple to solve as they can occur under specific conditions or specific installations related to the number of users or groups rather than on the operating system and antivirus configuration.

However, it is with live and vibrant satisfaction that we announce the release of version 6.3.2 of LogicalDOC

It is mainly a bugfix release, although there are some new features for multiple language support.

Here is the complete list of changes divided by type

New Features
  • Japanese GUI translation
  • Czech GUI translation
  • Support for the Japanese during full-text indexing/search

  • Optimized PDF conversion speed
  • Upgrade the component for the preview of documents
  • Preview for TIFF and GIF images
  • Better thumbnail presentation
  • Confirmation prompt when moving items/folders
  • Improved preview for stored email documents (msg and eml files) [Commercial editions]

Bug fixes
  • Unable to update user details
LogicalDOC Enterprise can be downloaded in the Trial 30 days version  from the official website or you can fill out the form to gain access to the online demo.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the LogicalDOC development team !!
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