Thursday, November 29, 2012

Logical Objects is pleased to announce the release of version 6.6 of LogicalDOC Enterprise edition.

In this new version, the main new feature is the ability to customize the User Dashboard with the widgets of major interest. Each user can then customize its dashboard to control the functionality of the platform that actively involve him.

Customized Dashboard

Furthermore, some components have been redesigned in order to reduce the use of Flash components within the graphical interface. In particular, these interventions have affected the display of the repository statistics, in the administration section, and the Tag-Cloud widget that displays the tags most used in the document repository.

Repository Statistics

Among that, support to the Swedish language has been implemented, both as regards the translation of the interface (GUI), and as regards the indexing and search of documents.

See the launch of the news in LogicalDOC website

Download the trial version of the software or ask for access to online demo
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LogicalDOC 6.5.1 adds CMIS support

In the new version of LogicalDOC we started the development of a server to support the CMIS specification.

CMIS is the OASIS specification for content management interoperability. It allows client and servers to talk together in HTTP (SOAP or REST/AtomPub) using a unified domain model. The latest published is CMIS 1.0 Committee Specification 01.

In this version of LogicalDOC support for CMIS specifications is limited to only a few features, but in a short time will be extended to support the main characteristics of the specifications.

This will allow you to access the repository and documents within LogicalDOC using any software or App for mobile device that supports the CMIS AtomPub 1.0.

Learn more at the wiki of LogicalDOC

You can get the Community Edition in tomcat-bundle archive from the open source project on SourceForge.

The Trial version of LogicalDOC Enteprise Edition can be downloaded from the product site.
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