Thursday, April 11, 2013

Logical Objects is pleased to announce the release of version 6.7 of LogicalDOC Enterprise edition.

New Features
  • Events Calendar (you can specify a calendar of events for documents)
  • Online editing with Google Docs / Google Drive
  • External calls from web GUI to 3rd party application
Events Calendar

Online Edit with Google Docs
  • Enhanced WebServices API
  • Updated french ang brazilian translations
  • Delete workflow instances when the associated workflow template is deleted

See the launch news on the LogicalDOC website

Download the trial version of the software or ask for access to online demo
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Thursday, January 17, 2013

LogicalDOC Mobile for iOS devices

Following the implementation of CMIS 1.0 specifications in LogicalDOC 6.5.2, the development team of Logical Objects is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of LogicalDOC Mobile for iOS systems.

In this first release the main features implemented are the ones that allow access a document repository on a LogicalDOC server.

The App works with any LogicalDOC server type, from LogicalDOC Enteprise, to LogicalDOC Cloud passing through LogicalDOC Community edition (free open-source); the only requisite is that the version of the LogicalDOC be equals or higher than 6.5.2.

LogicalDOC Mobile on iPhone and iPad
Basic Features of the App

  • Browse the repository of documents
  • Download and preview of the documents
  • Ability to create new folders
  • Ability to create new documents
  • Ability to delete folders and documents
  • Quickly find documents using full-text search

Special Features

  • Ability to manage multiple accounts
  • Ability to upload multiple documents at once
  • Ability to delete multiple items (folders and documents) at once
  • Send a document form the repository by email
  • Download and store documents in the device for offline viewing
  • Upload files, images and record audio from your Apple device to LogicalDOC
  • Open documents in other apps for editing
  • Open documents in LogicalDOC Mobile from apps such as Mail App, Office² HD or DocsToGo.
  • Possibility to assign tags during document creation
  • Ability to automatically resize images when uploading to save space and reduce transmission times

LogicalDOC Mobile is available for free on the Apple App Store; the app is compatible with iPad and iPhone.

Read more about it in the LogicalDOC's site.
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